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There are a lot of benefits to using window tint; glare reduction, heat protection, interior protection, U.V. protection, infra-red reduction, safety, security, aesthetics, and privacy. You will want to prioritize which of these benefits most suits your needs.


There are five types of window tint; dyed, hybrid, metalized, carbon and ceramic. Each is named after the primary component used to protect you from over exposure to the sun:

  • Dyed Film
    • Dyed Film is simply a layer of UV treated optical grade polyester film; that has been dyed to the desired shade or colour, or has a layer of dyed film, or the dye has been applied to the adhesive. This type of window tinting relies on the absorbance properties of the dye to keep you cool. Because it does not contain any metal it gives your windows a black look. This film is mainly used for its appearance. It has the least amount of heat reduction and it will discolour and fade due to the dye component.

  • Hybrid Films
    • Hybrid Films use a combination of a dyed layer as well as a metalized layer. A metal layer is used for its reflective qualities and a dyed layer is used for its absorptive qualities and to mitigate the shiny quality of the metal layer. Hybrid tinting films are generally considered to be a premium film. It is the film most often used when customers don’t specify what kind of tint they desire. This film is a good product for customers that desire crisp appearance, heat reduction, glare reduction and UV protection.

  • Metalized Films
    • Metalized Films are either all metal or have a single layer of ceramics. Metalized window tinting is very good at reducing heat; however they are very shiny and can cause interference with radio, GPS and cell phones. Its shade and colour are mainly determined by the type of metal used to make it. Metalized window films reflect more light than they absorb creating higher heat rejection. Metalized window films tend to be shinier due to the reflective qualities of the metal used giving them a polarized or mirror appearance.

  • Carbon Films
    • Carbon Films the first colour-stable film. Carbon film is constructed with a patented Nano-Carbon technology. This means the film derives its colour from carbon material which never fades. Carbon tint is a true black film that does not have the "mirror look" that the metalized films have. Lifetime Warranty that guarantees this film will NEVER fade or turn purple. Outstanding heat, glare, fade, and UV protection. No metal layers to interfere with radio, GPS and cell phones.

  • Ceramic Films
    • Ceramic Films absorb twice as much heat as dyed or hybrid films. It is colour stable and considered to be the most technologically advanced type of window tinting due to its dual Ultra-Violet and Infra-Red reduction. It is capable of high heat absorption yet still retaining relative light shading. It is definitely the ultimate in heat reduction. This film is good for customers desiring a highly durable material, with excellent clarity, and providing superior heat reduction versus other film choices.

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