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Oztint is family owned and operated with 34 years of industry experience. In this time we have tinted just about everything you can imagine! We take pride in our work as well as keeping up to date with the latest technology. We also stock all of the major brands to offer our clients as many solutions possible for their tinting needs.

It can be a bit challenging to figure out which type of window tint to use with all the different types and technical information. Our aim is to make your decision easier by providing clear information on the different films available.

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What is legal?

Since 1 August 1994, NSW law has required a limit on the shade of tint applied to passenger and commercial vehicles.
Passenger Vehicle (Coupe / Hatch / Sedan / Wagon / 4WD): Minimum 35% on all side and rear windows.
Commercial Vehicle (Utility / Van / Truck): Minimum 35% on windows either side of driver - NO LIMIT rearward from the driver.
Windscreens: Tinted or Opaque band in any shade allowed at the top of the windscreen - it is not to extend below the portion swept by the wipers or 10% of the depth of the screen. No film at all permitted on the lower part of the windscreen.

How long does it take to tint a car?

It usually takes around 2-3 hours for installation. If your vehicle is already tinted we will need another hour for the removal.

Can I wind my windows down after installation?

No! Windows cannot be opened for 48 hours after the tint has been applied. This is to allow the adhesive to cure.

Can I still get my car tinted if it is raining?

Yes, the film is fitted to the inside of your windows, it will not be affected by the weather.

Do I need to make a booking?

We do require you to make a booking. This will ensure your car will be attended to when you arrive.

Is there a discount if I have more than one car I want tinted?

Yes we do offer discounts for multiple vehicles, however to receive the discount the vehicles must be paid, or tinted, together.

I want my Home / Office / Boat tinted - what do I do?

We offer obligation free quotations. One of our friendly staff can call in to show you the films and measure your windows, or simply send your measurements and requirements through our Quick Quote.

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