Smart Tinting for Home and Commercial

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Smart Tinting for Home and Commercial

Home and business owners are committing themselves more and more to energy efficiency, and why not? It’s easier on the planet and easier on your bank account. A major source of energy loss is through your windows. Even properly sealed windows can contribute to energy waste by allowing sunlight through to heat the room (causing the air conditioner to work longer). Weather stripping, blackout curtains, shades and blinds are all available to those wanting to block out the sun’s room-warming, fabric-fading rays. But what about the home or building owner with views they don’t want to cover up?

Just like clean air, plant life and healthy food choices, sunlight is essential for “ecotherapy” in both your home and workplace for happiness and productivity. When the days are shorter and darker, many people are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). So if sunlight enhances moods, it only makes sense to let it in. Luckily, there’s an easy way to reap the benefits of sunlight without wasting energy – Smart Window Films.

Unlike dark, tinted window films of the past, smart window films preserve the clear view of the outdoors. You can enjoy unimpeded natural light without the negative effects of furniture-fading UV light and room-heating Infrared light. How do they do it? Advanced nanotechnology picks and chooses which types of light are allowed through the window film.

In addition to energy savings, smart window films also reduce glare during the day, view-blocking reflections at night and serve as an extra safety feature for your home or workplace. If a window were to accidentally break, the film would keep glass from shattering out and across your room or office.

If you’re ready to take your efficiency to the next level, smart window films are the right choice. They’ve even helped entire buildings receive Energy Star approved status. You don’t have to hide away the sun to stop heat transfer through your windows. Thanks to advanced technology, your home, office and the environment can all benefit.

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April 2024